API Shares

With API shares you can provide others read access to private APIs. This is great to give external clients early access to an upcoming release or to share APIs with people outside your organization. For each share you decide on the period and the releases included. The comment feature is supported so that you can receive valuable feedback from your clients.
Share APIs with people outside of your organization

External users

API Shares are the perfect solution for sharing internal APIs with people outside of your organization like external service providers or development teams. All you need to know is the APITree username or the user's email address. The user will receive an email about the shared API. All users can be managed via the APITree UI.

Share upcoming API Releases

API Releases

API Shares offer full flexibility about which releases to share. All releases, including upcoming ones, can be shared so that customers get a comprehensive overview and the share do not have to be adjust with every new release. You can share individual releases and you can share releases that are still in draft mode. This enables external customers to be integrated into the API creation process at an early stage and to give service providers access to APIs that have not yet been published.

Protect your API knowledge

Access restrictions

API Shares can be created for a specified period of time the share is valid for. This is useful to manage external developers who only work on a project for a limited period. The time windows can be adjusted dynamically and also set for periods in the future. API shares only provide read access to the API documentation.
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