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API Shares

With API shares you can provide others read access to private APIs. This is great to give external clients early access to an upcoming release or to share APIs with people outside your organization. For each share you decide on the period and the releases included. The comment feature is supported so that you can receive valuable feedback from your clients.

Creating an API Share

The common use case is to create an API share for a private API to give other users access to your protected API doccumentation. It is also possible to share a public API. For this type only a limited set of properties is available. When creating an API share you have to provide a name for the Share and enter at least the nickname or email address of one user the Share is for. All users will receive an email about the shared API. It is also possible to specify dates from and until the Share is accessible. If not set, unlimited access is granted.
Create Share

My Shares

Login to your account. Make sure your email address is verified. In the left sidebar click My Shares. You will get a list of all API Shares which are available. Also expired and upcoming shares are shown. You can remove a Share at any time by clicking the Remove button next to the share. Here an example of an active API Share:

My Shares

Share and collaborate on private APIs with your clients