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The APITree HUB is the central place for managing and sharing API specifications.

  • Explore public APIs
  • Share own APIs with the world
  • Keep sensivite APIs private
  • Manage API Revisions and Releases

APITree for teams is great to collaborate and share private APIs with your clients.

  • Work together on API specifications
  • Be informed about API changes
  • Share private APIs with clients
  • Get feedback to improve APIs

Integrate our API into your workflows to always have up-to-date API docs.

  • Consume our REST API
  • Use API tokens to manage access scopes
  • Set up webhooks for certain events
  • Write your own APITree extension



The HUB is an API Registry containing hundreds of APIs and is your central place for managing and sharing APIs. Browse public API specifications from many popular brands. Sign up for free and share your own APIs with the world. Or upgrade your plan to use unlimited private APIs.

Import / Export

Build your API specification from scratch or upload existing files. With APITree we support your way of working - no matter if you follow an API-first design approach or auto-generate your specification files. We support OpenAPI Specification (fka Swagger) v2 and v3 *. You can upload JSON and YAML. The same applies for the export formats.

* Please note that not every aspect of OAS 3 is currently supported. Check our FAQs to learn more.

Import / Export

Revisions / Releases

Revisions are like a Git Commit to persist your daily work on the API specification. The revision log keeps track of all your changes over time. As soon as your API specification is ready to launch, create a release. Each release then passes through the API lifecycle, starting with the date of publication, through a "deprecated" state to the "end of life".

API Editor

With our online editor you can manage all aspects of your API specifications within APITree. The editor supports YAML and JSON format. Your specification gets validated on-the-fly and errors are marked directly. The editor integrates with APITree revision management.

Unlimited public API documentation hosted for free



Designing an API can be challenging. In a team it is more fun and you benefit from your collegues' feedback. Teams are also great to share internal APIs just within your organization. You can choose between different roles to manage access rights. The team feature is the recommended choice for our enterprise customers.


To continuously improve your APIs it is crucial to get feedback from the users who actually consume your APIs. With APITree you can communicate directly with others about upcoming API changes, bugs, or authentication issues. On each API you can work with comments. The comments are shown directly on the API documentation page.

API Shares

With API shares you can provide others read access to private APIs. This is great to give external clients early access to an upcoming release or to share APIs with people outside your organization. For each share you decide on the period and the releases included. The comment feature is supported so that you can receive valuable feedback from your clients.

Manage API Versions with unlimited API Releases


GitHub Action

Use our Github Action to automatically upload your APIs to APITree as part of your CI/CD workflow. GitHub Action is a fast, secure, and easy solution to have an up-to-date API documentation. Start integrating now: All you need is an APITree account and an API Token.
GitHub Actions


Use the APITree REST API to access your API specifications, shares, and other APITree data programmatically. All you need is an API Token. For each token you can manage the access scopes so that only the relevant data is accessible. Our REST API lets you easily integrate APITree into your workflows like CI/CD to automatically update your API specification.

Slack App

Use our Slack App to be informed about changes in APITree directly in Slack. You choose the events for which you want to be notitied and define the Slack workspace and channel. You have full flexibility in terms of events, workspace, and channel. All you need is an APITree account and Slack installed.
Slack App


Webhooks let you subscribe to certain events so that you get informed about changes in APITree. Rather than requiring you to pull information via our API, webhooks push notifications to your destination when important events occur.


Would you like to develop an extension for APITree or integrate APITree into your product? Create your own app. With OAuth 2 Scopes you define the permissions that your app needs. The data exchange takes place via our REST API. You have full flexibility in terms of platform and programming language.

Unlimited private APIs, Shares, REST API access, and much more

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Approval Process

With the APITree Approval-Process all changes to your specifications pass a standardized quality gate. Thus all team members will be informed in advance of planned changes. Using APITree’s comments feature these changes can be discussed among the team members.

Mock Server

The APITree Mock Server lets you simulate a specified API. The Mock Server accepts authentic requests and it returns responses compliant with the API specification. This helps to reduce dependencies between development teams and it speeds up the development process.

Integration Tests

Speed up your development with APITree Integration Tests. With Integration Tests the time consuming writing of implementation tests will be history. The implementation of an API can be tested continuously and automatically against the specification. Thus, errors in unpublished releases will be identified before an API is released to production.