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Use our Slack App to be informed about changes in APITree directly in Slack. You choose the events for which you want to be notitied and define the Slack workspace and channel. You have full flexibility in terms of events, workspace, and channel. All you need is an APITree account and Slack installed.
How to use the Slack App

Integration Guide

In order to use the APITree Slack App you need an APITree account and Slack installed.
1. Step

Add to Slack

Login to your account. In the left sidebar click Slack. Click the Add to Slack button.
Slack empty overview page
Select the events you want to receive notifications for in Slack and click on Add to Slack. You will be redirected to the Slack website.
Add APITree App to Slack
2. Step

Grant Permissions

Sign in to your Slack workspace by entering your workspace URL and your Slack credentials.
Sign in to Slack
Slack will inform you about the data our App needs access to. If you are fine, select a channel our App should post to, and click on Allow. Slack will redirect you back to APITree.
Allow access
3. Step


In APITree you will see an entry with detailed information about the team, channel and events you selected for the App. Click on Edit to change the selected events. To remove the App click on Delete.
Slack overview page with App installed
You can install the App several times to receive notifications in different channels.
Slack APITree App
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