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Revisions are like a Git Commit to persist your daily work on the API specification. The revision log keeps track of all your changes over time. As soon as your API specification is ready to launch, create a release. Each release then passes through the API lifecycle, starting with the date of publication, through a “deprecated” state to the "end of life".

Managing API Versions

You can manage your API Versions with API Releases. For each API you can create unlimited API Releases. When creating a new Release you have to select the revision the Release should be based on, provide a version number, and select the API resources (endpoints) which should be included. Everything else like models (schemas), parameters and authentication is automatically calculated by APITree. After creation the Release enters the state Unreleased and is only visible to use / within your organization. Click on Release to share it with others.
Create Release

Manage API Versions with unlimited API Releases