The HUB is an API Registry containing hundreds of APIs and is your central place for managing and sharing APIs. Browse public API specifications from many popular brands. Sign up for free and share your own APIs with the world. Or upgrade your plan to use unlimited private APIs.
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Frustrated with outdated or broken links to API documentations? Make APITree your single point of truth for your technical documentations. On the HUB you can simply host all your APIs and all API versions in one place. This lets you easily compare API versions, align on a global API design and manage your whole API zoo. Introduce our REST API into your processes to always have up-to-date API documentations without manual effort.
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Create as many public API documentations as you want and host them for free on the HUB. Of course, there are situations when you want to keep your documentation private. No problem - just upgrade to one of our paid plans and create unlimited private APIs including unlimited API Shares. Private APIs are useful for internal services and for new APIs which are still in development and shouldn't be shared with the world.
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