Designing an API can be challenging. In a team it is more fun and you benefit from your collegues' feedback. Teams are also great to share internal APIs just within your organization. You can choose between different roles to manage access rights. The team feature is the recommended choice for our enterprise customers.
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In APITree, teams are called organizations. Organizations are just as suitable for individuals as for start-ups and large enterprises. You develop the "Next Big Thing" App with your friends: Use an organization, to manage your API documentation together. You need a central place to manage your microservices in the company: Use the APITree HUB to host your public and private APIs. You want us to host your own dedicated HUB instance?

The right permissions for every user

User management

All members of an organization can be easily managed and controlled via an intuitive interface. Users can be invited by email or added directly as APITree users. For each user different permissions can be assigned using built-in roles. By default there are three roles for the common use-cases in place: Owners, Members and Guests. Owners and members are fully featured users. Guests come with read-only access and are available at a significantly lower price.

Fine grained access permissions

Individual Teams

Create individual teams and configure the access rights of your users exactly according to your needs. You have full flexibility: Define global access rights on feature level or grant access to individual APIs. Individual teams are perfect for controlling API access within your company. Via audit logs changes and requests are transparently documented. Individual teams are included in our enterprise plan.
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