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Designing an API can be challenging. In a team it is more fun and you benefit from your collegues' feedback. Teams are also great to share internal APIs just within your organization. You can choose between different roles to manage access rights. The team feature is the recommended choice for our enterprise customers.

Creating an organization

To work in a team you have to create an organization. Creating an organization is free and totally easy: Login to your account. Make sure your email address is verified. In the left sidebar click Organizations. Click Create Organization. Provide a name, an orgname which is an URL friendly shortname of the organization, and an email address. The user who created the organization is automatically the owner having full access rights.
Create Organization

Managing users

Inviting new users or updating their roles can be done on the Members page: Login to your account. In the left sidebar click Organizations, click on the orgname of the Organization you want to edit, and in the left sidebar click on Members. There are two options for adding new users to your Organization: In case the user has already an APITree account click on Add Member and enter the user's username. If you do not know the username or if the user does not have an APITree account click on Invite User and enter the user's email address. In both cases the user will receive an invitation email. New users are automatically assigned to the Member. This role provides full API access. Organizational settings and functionalities like billing are prohibited.
Manage Members

Design APIs in a team and share them with your clients