API Documentation

There are different ways to create and maintain your API documentation in APITree. You can do everything manually using the APITree UI or programmatically using the REST API. The REST API can be easily integrated into existing workflows so that you always have an up-to-date API documentation. In the following we show you both ways.

Manually create an API

Using the APITree UI allows you to ...
  1. create an API from scratch
  2. import an existing OpenAPI v2 / v3 file
Login to your APITree account. In the top navigation click on the "+" sign and choose eigther Create new API or Import existing API. Create API
If you want to create a new API from scratch simply give your API a name.
Create API from scratch If you want to import an existing API you just have to choose the specification file you want to upload and your done.
Import existing API

After the initial creation of the API, the API documentation is displayed. By clicking on Expand All the API endpoints / domain models are shown in detail. The menu entries in the left sidebar refer to the current API. Under Settings there is the possibility to switch comments on and off and to delete the API again. Via API Editor the API can be edited in OpenAPI v2 format in JSON or YAML.
API documentation

Automatically sync an API

There are two different ways to automatically sync your API by using our ...
  1. GitHub Action
Our GitHub Action can be found on the GitHub Marketplace. You will find there information about the usage and how to integrate the action into your workflow.

As an alternative you can directly use our REST API. Check our GitHub Action entrypoint.sh script to see the needed curl requests.

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